The Complete Overview of BioTRUST Pro-x10

BioTrust Nutrition

BioTrust Nutrition

It seems that no matter how hard many people try, getting healthy seems simply too difficult to actually achieve in practice.

Recent scientific research though, has demonstrated that many of those who struggle to lose weight, have the issue simply because they suffer from some form of ‘chronic inflammation’ of their gut.

Now that is quite a revelation, and one that has a pretty dramatic effect on how weight loss as a whole needs to be handled.

Because of this new discovery, many people are quite simply unable to digest their food properly, meaning that they unnecessarily store it as fat for one thing, and also, they still always seem to be hungry.

Now that is double trouble.

Now we came across a product from BioTrust quite some time ago. It’s called Pro X-10 and it was specifically designed to precisely addresses this exact health problem.


What makes Pro X-10 so special, is that there are several ingredients in it, that mean that it works more efficiently than other probiotics supplements on the market, and I’ll touch on each one here, to help readers see for themselves why this product is so very powerful.

biotrust-prox10-b2g1fTo begin with, BioTrust’s Pro-X10 contains a compound, derived from kiwifruit found in New Zealand.

According to studies and research done on this support nutrient, it promotes gastrointestinal health in a number of ways, including helping users pass stools more easily, and eliminating constipation or diarrhea.

It also contains insoluble fiber, that helps keep the stool soft and easy to pass without a person experiencing bloating or gas. This product also promotes the natural growth of prebiotics in the Gastro Intestinal areas – something that is not offered by other types of nutrients found in most supplements.

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biotrust-prox10-b4g2fLastly, it helps in the regeneration of the cells that line the stomach and intestinal areas, preventing damage of the gut lining and repairing any broken areas in the cells to protect them from further damage.

What is Pro-X10?

BioTrust Pro-X10 is a GI health formula and advanced probiotic. It helps those with leaky gut or other inflammation of the bowel problems. Furthermore, it ensures regular bowel movements take place, which in turn leads to a healthier and stronger immune system.

biotrust-prox10-1MBGFinally, it helps those people whose intestinal lining has been destroyed or damaged through glutens. It has just one side effect, which is that it promotes weight loss as well!
Sounds like a miracle drug, doesn’t it?

Well, Pro X10 isn’t the only probiotic supplement out there. However, one of the aspects that makes it different, is that BioTrust has used microencapsulation technology. One problem with various other probiotic supplements, is that the casing of the tablets is so weak, that it gets destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract, rather than actually making it to through the stomach. This is fine with products that have to be delivered to your bloodstream, but not for those designed to work on your stomach. Thanks to the microencapsulation technology, each tablet will actually make it through the stomach, where it will get to work.

Does Pro-X10 Work>

BioTrust Nutrition

BioTrust Nutrition

Biotrust Probiotics contained in Pro-X10 make up a daily supplement system, containing potent ingredients that not only promote regular bowel movement, but that also reduces gastrointestinal inflammation, and repairs the damages to the intestinal linings brought about by the ingestion of foods containing gluten.

As mentioned earlier, in order to preserve the life of the probiotics, Biotrust uses a microencapsulation technology which coats the sensitive probiotics, so that the supplement can deliver up to 10x more live probiotic bacteria to your intestines, than any other inferior products.


Pro-X10 stimulates the movement of the stools through the digestive tract. It also reduces gas and bloating. While supporting the beneficial bacteria, it inhibits infectious pathogens, and helps improve long term digestive health.

One bottle, or one month supply of Biotrust Pro X-10 Probiotics, contains 60 capsules. It should be taken twice a day, take one capsule with breakfast, and one capsule with dinner. It is important to take the supplement consistently, for maximum effect and benefits.

Ingredients of Pro-X10

label-Pro-X10Pro-X10 has a number of ingredients, which not only provide the gut with enough good bacteria to keep everything up and running, but also includes ingredients which ensure that the good bacteria lives long enough to do their work. There are four unique ingredients which have been combined in Pro-X10 to maximize its potential.

  • It promotes prokinetic enzyme activity to stimulate the movement of stool through the digesetive system and to keep your bowel movement regular.
  • biotrust-prox10-1MBGIt contains insoluble fiber to make sure your stool is soft enough for easy passage without the fear of feeling bloated or gassy.
  • It has prebiotics which support the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Its polyphenolics content supports the beneficial bacteria, keeps the infectious pathogens away, and also assists in maintaining digestive health.
  • It also helps with the regeneration of gut-lining cells even if it has been damaged by harmful compounds such as gluten.

Pro-X10 Side Effects

Any product taken in orally or even applied topically on skin can theoretically have specific side effects. Consumers who used this product didn’t note any negative effects in using the product. Hence, they take in the product as recommended, but without any side effects that caused issues in doing their tasks. In fact, users indicated that they only experience a comfortable feeling on their bellies, something that they haven’t experienced for a long time due to GI problems brought about by bad bacteria.

biotrust-prox10-1MBGDoing this ensures that all the nutrients and probiotics packed inside every Pro-X10 capsule reaches the digestive system, well and alive, allowing them to do their work of protecting the gut from harmful compounds, such as gluten, as well as restoring it to its original function.

Pro-X10 capsules are also free from any allergens, and are made with 100%, all-natural ingredients.

Artificial ingredients can cause stress, which can contribute to the weakening of the body’s immune system, as well as unwanted weight gain.

BioTrust make it a point to only include natural products and ingredients in each Pro-X10 capsule that they produce.

Overall then, the only Pro-X10 side effects users experienced, is the “good side effect”.

Pro-X10 Real User Reviews

We have collated a few samples here of real user experiences from other Biotrust Probiotics reviews. The following essentially sum up the majority’s opinion on the product.

biotrust-prox10-1MBGHello, I’ve used the product and feel as if it has helped with my digestion… better stools and less bloating. It does not need to be refrigerated.
– Steph H,

I have my 78 year old mother who uses BioTrust Low Carb everyday. My best friend, who has recently suffered some significant health issues takes BCAA Matrix and Pro-X10, and she is actually keeping the muscle on, which she was not able to do with other brands of BCAA. I love the products so much and am so pleased to know that there are people with integrity out there. Thank you, BioTrust!
– Carla.


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Where to Buy Pro-X10?

BioTrust Nutrition

BioTrust Nutrition

To ensure getting the best available deal, and to transact with representatives who have your best interest in mind, it is recommended to only get the product from the official website.

Currently, you can take advantage of it’s discount saving you up to 20%.


However, if you have yet to try the product, you can purchase just 1 bottle, and automatically get the “53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milkshakes Recipe Book” with $39.95 value, for FREE.

Unlike most products, your purchase is protected by a full 1-Year money-back guarantee.

The company also offers a 1-Year Exchange Program, where you can return your purchase, and request another BioTrust Nutrition product of equal or lesser value, with free shipping.

Now that is the kind of deal you will definitely not find anywhere else. It shows a class leading confidence in their own products, that few other manufacturers dare match.

Pro-X10 Can Only Be Purchased Direct From Biotrust…

All purchases come with a free download ebook containing 53 smoothie recipes.


Pro-X10 Discounts and Coupons

Pro-X10 is available in three different packages, and users can pick one according to the amount of weight they want to lose.

1 bottle of the supplement is available for $49, and is best suited for those who want to lose less than 10 pounds.

biotrust-prox10-1MBGPeople who want to lose 10-30 pounds can get the 3 bottle package and avail themselves of discounts on each bottle, as each bottle will cost $44.

In the 6 bottle package, which is recommended for people who want to lose over 30 pounds, the price of one bottle dramatically drops to $39 per bottle.

On the other hand, just as with all other BioTrust products, PRO-X10 comes with a 12-month warranty, for those who, for whatever no-quibble reason, want a refund.

PRO-X10 is undoubtedly one of the best probiotic supplements available in the market place today. WIkiPedia – Diet

The supplement is affordable and extremely effective when people use it consistently.

PRO-X10 is also one of the only probiotic supplements that comes with a unique blend of ingredients that are missing in other probiotic supplements.

Another advantage of the supplement, is that it necessitates easy consumption, as all users have to do is to pop two pills; one before breakfast and one before dinner.

Pro-X10 is free of any harmful stimulants, and other free radicals, so people who have had prior cases of allergic reactions to probiotic supplements, can safely take Pro-X10, without fear of an adverse reaction.

And, since it comes with a 12-month money back guarantee, Pro-X-10 users have nothing to lose … but weight!

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Pro-X10 Money-Back Guarantee

Lastly, Pro-X10 has a Money Back Guarantee.

If users do not experience weight loss or do not see results quickly enough, they can get a refund.

Refunds are available for any reason – the buyer may be unsatisfied with the packaging of the product or something else. Either way, the company that produces Pro-X10 is so confident in their product that they are willing to return money in the unlikely event that a buyer is unsatisfied.

This supplement is an excellent weight loss tool. If it is used with a good diet and exercise plan, users can lose more weight than they ever expected to lose with a supplement.

BioTrust Pro-X10 comes highly recommended for those who are struggling with their weight loss program for one reason or another. However, keep in mind that Pro-X10 is not a miracle drug that will make your weight and pants-size go down the moment you take it. In order to achieve the very best and fastest results, it would be best to work hard and watch what you eat.

In conclusion, BioTrust Pro-X10 is something that is worth trying because not only will it help you burn off the stored fat in your body, you will also benefit from the other health advantages the ingredients can offer.

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